Zero Balancing®


Would you like to connect to your bones, your essential nature AND feel in a relaxed, meditative state with your joints all moving easily?

Zero Balancing®, also known as “ZB” for short, is a form of structural acupressure. It works on both the body’s skeletal and energetic systems. ZB targets the bones and joints and excels at helping with neck, back, hip, and other structural restrictions. It also affects you energetically and can help replace frenetic, depleted, or muddled states with a natural sense of ease.

In a session of ZB the client lays face up, fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner gently stretches and presses strategic points on the body. ZB is an enjoyable experience! A session can last 30-50 minutes.

Zero Balancing® can be helpful for those undergoing life changes. Examples of such change could be a new job, a relationship change, or the loss of a pet or friend. After a session these changes can be easier to navigate with clarity and insight arising naturally.


James with Zero Balancing founder Dr Fritz Smith May 2014

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ZB is great for feet and ankles


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