Want to live your full potential?

Want treatment that connects all of you to promote one whole, strong, alive person?

Whether one main symptom or many, Classical Five Element acupuncture treatment can help.

What symptoms can be helped with acupuncture?2017-07-18T00:27:30-06:00

Most conditions are treatable with acupuncture combined with adequate rest, nourishing food, and exercise. In particular acupuncture has demonstrated remarkable success with the treatment of frustrating chronic conditions. Because the underlying cause of energy imbalance and weakness is addressed multiple symptoms can be helped at the same time. By strengthening and balancing the energy nature brings healing at a deep level rather than attempts to fix symptoms as if there were a better healer than nature. Chinese medicine views the symptoms of illness – physical, mental, or emotional – as warning signs that you are not functioning as an integrated whole.

Acupuncture helps to prevent recurring ailments and to recover more quickly if you become ill. You do not need to be sick to benefit from acupuncture; you can have greater vitality and stamina, more restful sleep, more harmonious relationships and a greater ability to care for your own health.

How long are the sessions? 2017-07-18T00:27:56-06:00

The initial session with me of 1-1/2 to 2 hour’s long helps us see your present and past health and get a clear foundation for moving forward. A physical exam including feeling of pulses, assessment of structure and several other specialized tests pertinent to acupuncture are part of this initial session. Subsequent sessions use needles and moxibustion (the application of heat through the burning of an herb) to promote free flowing and strong qi (vital energy).

How many sessions will it take to help my condition?2017-07-18T00:28:22-06:00

Usually weekly sessions are recommended until symptoms improve and then sessions are slowly spaced out. Introductory Package: Come for an initial intake and five weekly treatments. The sixth treatment is free.  This supports you in coming for regular treatment when you need it. Each session builds on the next and each session is individualized for you and your unique energy. Even with people who have the same condition or symptoms the treatment is tailored to that person.

Do you take insurance?2017-07-18T00:28:52-06:00

Some insurance covers acupuncture. I am glad to give you receipts with which to seek reimbursement. Health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, credit cards, checks, and cash are all acceptable forms of payment. See the rates tab for current pricing.


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